Thursday, December 17, 2009

Santa Baby...Maybe.

Ive got to be quite honest here, I'm not to sure of Santa Dear Its alright son, hes a good ol' chap. Just have a seat on his big ol' lap.
I'll be right here, but I know your brave. So go tell Santa how well you behave!

"I may be two, but Ive been a good boy. Now can we talk 'bout that toy?"
"Ive been an angel, I'm practically a saint. Luke says hes been good, but I know that he 'ain't"
"These kids are both cute,I like them allot, but the girl wants a car and the boy left a wet spot!"

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fix it Friday

Ahh, I did miss my Fix it Friday from iheartfaces. First the original and then my version. So much fun. Look at that innocent little face, crafted by Gods own hands. I suppose he did that with me as well?! Dont you wish we always felt so hand picked and special. I know that I see HIS glory in my childrens faces, I pray some day I see it when I look at my own life.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Back quite!

Well, I took the summer off from, well pretty much every thing to enjoy my little blossoms. Our sweet little bloom will be going to school full time and that just breaks Mama's heart. Especially with this stupid ol' Bacon Flu going around. Yes..Im a stress monkey and yes..Im a Germ-a-phob. Im ok with that...pass the sanitizer. Anyway, once the ball gets rolling with school and all the other activities that will begin shortly..I will be jumping back in to the blogesphere. CANNONBALL! Till then I will leave you with some pics from our summer to enjoy, with more to come later Im sure.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

i Heart Faces-Fix it Friday

Yippee Skippy Peanut Butter! (oh stop) Guess what today is boys and girls??!! That's right. Its Fix it Friday at iheartfaces. This one was a great challenge and I loved it. I was not able to get his face to come off the page the way I wanted and I couldn't get his shirt color to change very realistically for some strange reason...but over all I think it turned out well. So. The picture immediately below all my chit chat is the original fallowed by my version of this little guy. Hope you all have a good weekend. If you have no reason to smile...just think...ONE MORE MONTH TILL NEW KIDS. Oooh I just fainted and drooled a bit. Gross and TMI!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

WORDFUL Wednesday (Im mixing it up a bit)

From the word "go", boys are a totally foreign species. They are obsessed with dirt, rocks, tractors(or anything with wheels for that matter), putting undesirable objects into any body orifice. Don't even get me started on the strange friendship they have with their Peanut(that's what we call a penis in our house...story for a whole 'nother post). Luke has decided that he knows what it means to die. How in the world does he know that? What is Elmo teaching toddlers these days? Does Barney teach CPR?! Is Bob the Builders new catch phrase "Can we kill it"? Are they digging graves in the Backyardigans?! My children don't watch T.V. other than what I put in the dvd player so I know what he is watching! Please watch the fallowing video and explain to me what molecular structure causes these spontaneous mutations in our innocent toddler boys.

What else is there to say. I am not looking forward to the post about how I dont allow toy guns in my home and yet Luke is fashioning one out of popsicle sticks and peanut butter. *sob*.

iheartfaces photo challenge-week 20

Well, here we go. I'm actually doing a challenge this time. Yikes! The theme is Silhouette's over at iheartfaces. Here is my entry. What did you expect from this ol' Army Wife!! Hooah!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Da Boys

Look at these guys!!! My BF Erin has the cutest little man named Hudson. Our boys are only 4 months apart but they are like night and day. Huddy is so sweet and calm and just laid back. My son on the other hand...well lets just say he has a bit of the devil in him. I guess that comes from my side of the family. The pictures that follow were taken a year ago. You can see the skepticism in Hudson's face.Hudson says "I smell trouble with this one...oh wait maybe that's not what I smell. Ahem..Mommy".

"Ahhhh...I looked in his eyes Mommy. Does that mean Im going to climb, eat and dismantle everything I touch from now on too? Grab the Holy Water A.S.A.P".

"I feel violated. I am going to need a blue sucker and a Curious George movie to get over this traumatizing moment in my babyhood. I mean look at Luke trying to act all innocent and angelic. He just pinched me with his toes. I didn't even know I had toes and here he is putting his to malicious uses. "

Now, here the boys are last week. You can still see the apprehension in Hudson's face and the mischief in Luke's. They were very cute and very sweet together.

Here's the whole gang!My kids are such great influences. Hudson thought Sydnie sticking out her tongue was great fun. Apparently Sydnie got a bit of the hot-horned-one in her blood too. Go figure.

Anytime spent with Erin is always good for my soul. I feel very at peace when I am with her. No false pretenses, no catty girl crap that I despise. Just us and our babies who we ADORE! I love you Erin. You had me at "Lock your doors..this is a bad neighborhood!".

Friday, May 22, 2009

i Heart Faces-Fix it Friday

YES!!! Ive come to love Fix it Fridays over at iheartfaces. Im such a spaz! Anyway, here is my entry for this week. The first picture is the one we were given to work with. The second is my version. Anywho..I just love doing this!!! Have a fun and safe weekend all!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Well, Im just finding it hard to get on here as much as I want these days. Luke is so busy and such fun and Sydnie is always on the go. I was going to enter the latest contest over at iheartfaces, but I missed the deadline by about and hour. Im posting my picture here for you guys to see all the same. Its just one of my favorites and I did some small editing on it as well. Love to all.