Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving was spent with Mimi and Papa this year. We are always so grateful for the divine hand that played a part in bringing out families together.  Mimi spoiled usual.

 The Girl always seems to find a way to Mimis bed and the Disney channel. Poor kid is T.V. starved at home. Oh well.
 Beau on the other hand is simply starved and had to break out the turkey meat before the rest of us. What is wrong with his wife..doesn't she feed him?
 ahh, those Mimi hugs are goooood. They fix whats ailin' ya!
 The generally camera shy Beau was locked in the closet. This fellow came out to play instead!  The children had a delicious appetizer of...marshmallows before dinner. Cause that makes sense..right?
 Camera shy Beau is still locked up.
 Beau decided it was time for him to take the controls. Seriously, there were about 20 of this exact same picture. He got a smidge carried away.
 Now, here is something to be really grateful for. (no, I'm not talking about the Veggie Tales on t.v.) My him!
 The end!

signs of winter

I am not much of a winter person (understatement of the year). I really dislike being cold (understatement of the year #2). So, I'm making a point of seeing the things of winter in a new light. As is the norm these days, I see it through my camera lens.

Look at those little gloves. Imagine what those hands will do when they are bigger. Pray I lead them in a direction to make the Lord proud. Now, how about those red cheekers??!!

 You will recall there were wet pants hanging in the first picture. Here is the bottom that they were on prior to meeting the snow.

Little galoshes and small knit hats that fit so sweetly on my little boy. How I cherish all things that are him.
We recently had our first snow of the year and it was beautiful. All was covered in white and the soft quite that surrounds the snow. I was strongly reminded of how Jesus makes all things new and clean. Much like that fresh snow makes the world look. It is a sign of beautiful things to come.