Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Do frogs really give you warts??

The other day Beau drove us up the roughest road my SUV has ever been on. The Girl and  I knew we were going to die..or be sick. We ended up sick. However, after a 5 thousand mile drive around the mountains, Beau made good on his promise to show us something amazing. Nestled up in the woods was a marshy meadow with a small, shallow pond. 
Upon closer inspection of this little pond, we saw more pollywog's than I have ever seen in one place. The whole pond looked like the picture below.
Of course, the kids want to catch them..and Daddy came prepared. However, he first instructed the kids to walk around the edge of the pond and see what else there might be.
With every step the kids took around the pond at least one or two frogs jumped out of their way. It was sooo cool.
Obviously we had to catch some frogs too.

It turned into an education venture as well. We even came across some frog eggs.

I got distracted of course. Hello Bee.
The Girl couldn't get enough of holding and touching the slimy critters. Let me rephrase that. The child who wont get into the pool if there is so much as a nat in it, the child who spazes out at the sight of something crawly was practically french kissing the local amphibians.

Boys, being boys, had to wrestle and fight. After all, that's allot easier than saying "Gee son, I'm having a great time with you".

It was a fun day with minimal mosquito bites.


Jon and Erin, Hudson & Paxton said...

YUCK! It would have taken everything in me not to turn and run screaming, how God thought I could handle TWO boys is beyond me! I'm in trouble. However, this looks like a great family day, the bee pic is really cool and I LOVE Luke's face in the daddy/son pic...we need to start seeing YOU in some of these pics!

erin perkins said...

Tipsoo Lake chinook pass?? i love it up there.. we should meet there & hike with the fam